Substance use is all around us. It is important to talk early and talk often to youth of all ages. Watch this quick clip for some great pointers and resources for that conversation.

Don’t be afraid to act. Missouri’s 911 Good Samaritan Law (RSMO 195.205) protects those who seek emergency medical help as well as the person experiencing the medical emergency from prosecution for minor drug and alcohol violations. You can be ready to act in that situation by having Narcan® on hand and learning how to administer it. Narcan® is an easy-to-administer medication that can be obtained from your local pharmacy. It is covered by some insurance companies and available from some community agencies.

Most teens who misuse medications find them in their own homes or in the homes of friends and relatives. Communication: Talk to your kids and teens about the dangers of taking medication that is not prescribed to them. Storage: The safest way to store your prescriptions is to lock them up in a safe, cabinet, or lockable box. Store refrigerated medications in a lockable box away from food items. Disposal: Safely dispose of unwanted or leftover medicine.

Becky, Larry, and Colton are each in long-term recovery. Watch and listen as they share their stories and treatments that worked for them.

Recovery goes beyond sobriety. Watch and listen as Becky, Larry, and Colton share insights from their recovery journeys.

This short 30-second video shares the signs that a child may be experiencing cyberbullying along with tips for parents and caregivers on what they can do to help. Please feel free to share this video with your organization and on your social media.