Tommy Allgood
Chief Business Development Officer

Tommy Allgood currently serves as the Chief Business Development/Public Relations Officer for FCC Behavioral Health.

  Mr. Allgood acts as a liaison with the public across FCC’s service area. He is also responsible for utilizing a wide range of media sources to build and sustain the corporate image and reputation of FCC. Other responsibilities include planned publicity campaigns and activities, conducting analytical evaluations and communicating effectively with the Chief Executive Officer and other program stakeholders.
  Mr. Allgood is a graduate of University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Science in Education; Southeast Missouri State University with a Master of Art in Teaching; and Arkansas State University with a Master of Science in Education.

  Mr. Allgood's teaching career started with the Holcomb School District in Holcomb, Missouri, teaching Art and Biology, he then moved to the Senath-Hornersville Schools, and later taught Art in the Kennett School District. After receiving his MSE from Arkansas State University he transferred to the position of High School Counselor.
  Mr. Allgood started his career with FCC as a counselor and psychological examiner. After several years he became Director of Community Services, then was moved to the position of Director of Children’s Services. He also served in the capacity of Adult Outpatient and Children/Youth Services Director. During that time, he also served as MOCARS Crisis Coordinator.  
  Mr. Allgood had several years where he was not working for FCC. During that time, he had the pleasure of working with Rotech Healthcare, Inc. as National Training Director; Soporex, Inc, as Director of Training; and National HealthCare as Recreational Director.