Prevention Resource Center (PRC) are the primary source of technical assistance support for community coalitions. The goal of the PRC is to facilitate development of teams capable of making changes in substance use patterns in their community. Each PRC has a prevention specialist who works directly with the teams in his/her area and assists with the development of teams and coalitions in communities that desire to develop one.

The Prevention Resource Center (PRC) is a resource center for alcohol and drug prevention services. This program and its resources can be used by any entity including school, business, industry, task force, coalition, and agency in New Madrid, Mississippi, Pemiscot, and Dunklin Counties. The prevention program challenges communities to see prevention as a long term solution to issues of drug use, to become familiar with the issues of alcohol and drug use, and to work toward a substance use free community. The PRC assist communities in their efforts to build and sustain resilient, drug-free families and communities. The Prevention Resource Center provides technical assistance, education, information, community based, alternative and environmental services including but not limited to prevention training, research, advocacy, and networking pertaining to substance use prevention.

In addition to their work with the community coalitions the PRC also participates in a statewide campaign providing educational visits to all merchants who sell tobacco products. This annual campaign takes place in the spring. Support staff provide updates on new laws, when applicable, organization of trainings, helpful tips and information on the prevention of sales to minors.

The PRC specifically provides Youth Mental First Aid Training upon need or request.

The PRC also hosts the MADD Victim Impact Panel every other month.

The key functions of the Prevention Resource Center include:
  • Initiate community groups to develop action plans to address alcohol and other drug issues in communities.
  • Insist that children and adults receive clearly defined and consistent messages concerning alcohol and other drugs and their effects on body and life.
  • Organize and train population to become integral parts of the prevention climate
  • Develop, provide and support healthy alternatives to alcohol and other drug use
  • Develop and support comprehensive model prevention programs
  • Develop and provide technical assistance to all DBH registered Community 2000 Coalitions, local coalitions and or any other entity interested in prevention of alcohol and drug use in the designated area.
  • Conduct tobacco merchant education throughout the year including visits to vendors at least one (1) time per year
  • Develop and distribute legislative alerts through service area
  • Present Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Provide MADD Victim Impact Panels six (6) times a year
DMH Prevention Website

The PRC collects community contracts across the service area. These contracts represent a declaration of strong partnership to work toward the greater cause of alcohol and drug use prevention as well as other risky behaviors associate with substance abuse.

Current Community Collaboration/Partnerships
  • Kennett Chamber of Commerce Holcomb Police Department
  • Clarkton Police Department Malden Police Department
  • Kennett Police Department Campbell Police Department
  • Hornersville Police Department Charleston Police Department
  • Dunklin County Sherriff Dunklin County Juvenile Office
  • MADD of Bootheel New Madrid Resource Council
  • Dunklin County Caring Council Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium
  • Pemiscot County Initiative (P.I.N.) Mississippi County Resource Council
  • Mission Missouri Statewide Minority Health Alliance
  • East Prairie School District Southeast Maternal Child Family Health
  • Campbell R-2 School District Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start
  • New Madrid School District Bootheel Babies and Families
  • Pemiscot County Health Department Parent Link
  • New Madrid Health Department South Pemiscot School District
  • ACT Missouri Senath-Hornersville School District
  • East Prairie C2000 Kennett School District
  • Holcomb School District Clarkton School District
Program Description
Missouri SPIRIT (School-based Initiative)
This program is designed to support the development and implementation of a continuum of substance use prevention services in all public school grades kindergarten through 12. Initially a pilot test for three (3) years the initiative's concepts, models and implement was taking place in five (5) school districts starting in the 2001 - 02 school year; Family Counseling Center, Inc.’s site is New Madrid R-1 and East Prairie R-1 School Districts.
General Description
The goals of the program include:
  • To maximize every school-aged child’s readiness to learn as a result of being free from the harmful effects of alcohol and substance abuse;
  • To delay age of first use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs;
  • To promote safety in Missouri’s classrooms by reducing the incidence of substance abuse and related acts of  violence;
  • To strengthen and support families in order to minimize the risks for youth substance abuse;
  • To intervene early with children at greatest risk for substance abuse;
  • To refer children with substance abuse problems to appropriate treatment services to prevent further adverse consequences;
  • To ensure that strategies for school-based services are cost-effective, with measurable goals and outcomes.
Population Served
Services are available to the students and teachers of New Madrid R-1 school district and East Prairie Middle School students and teachers.
Services may be rendered to the specific population within any school building or school function within the New Madrid R-1 School District and the East Prairie School District
Days and Hours of Service
Monday-Friday 8-4pm and by appointment
Frequency of Services
Services are rendered according to schedules compiled by prevention staff , New Madrid Co School District and East Prairie School District staff.
Payer sources and fees/Financial Responsibility
All services are rendered free and are funded through the Missouri Department of Behavoiral Health
Referral Sources
New Madrid R-1 School District  and East Prairie School Districts are the only populations  served within this program; referral to specific program is not necessary.
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Permanent Prescription Drug and Medication Drop Boxes in the Bootheel
Malden Police Department
112 East Laclede Street
Malden, MO 63857
Kennett Police Department
200 Cedar Street
Kennett, MO 63857
*FCC SafeHaven Facility
1201 Ely Street
Kennett, MO 63857
*County Health Dept.
810 East Reed Street
Hayti, MO 63851
Caruthersville Police Dept.
200 West 3rd Street
Caruthersville, MO 63830
Steele Police Department
115 South Walnut Street
Steele, MO 63877
Sheriff Department
2 Court House Square
New Madrid, MO 63869
Portageville Police Dept.
201 East Main Street
Portageville, MO 63873
Charleston Police Dept.
204 North Main Street
Charleston, MO 63834
East Prairie Police Dept.
219 North Washington
East Prairie, MO 63854
* Locations are open 24-Hours a Day and ALL citizens are welcome to use them - No Questions Asked!
Permanent medication disposal boxes help prevent misuse by removing leftover drugs from the home. Disposing of medications in the boxes, keeps them out of the hands of young children as well as teens and adults who may misuse or abuse them. Many of the drop boxes were made possible by the Prevention Resource Center at FCC Behavioral Health and a Partnership for Success grant for Southeast Missouri.

Need More information? Contact Marilynn King at or call (573) 888-5925 Ext: 1319
Prevention Specialist
Jeremy Hanlin
Program Director
Jessica Howard
Prevention Specialist
Marilynn King
Prevention Specialist
Freda Kershaw
Prevention Specialist
Mackenzie Sheckles-Metheny
Prevention Assistant
Molly Metheny