Charley Phebus
Chief Financial Officer

Charley Phebus serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for FCC Behavioral Health.

  As CFO, he is responsible for adequacy of procedures and internal controls to protect the institution and participating in the evaluation of opportunities to expand the services provided by FCC. FCC has a forty plus year history of improving the wellness of those residing in southeast Missouri. Currently FCC serves a nineteen County area and the FCC staff provide effective caring behavioral healthcare to over 5,500 persons annually. Fiscally, FCC operates with a budget of over $26 million and more than 400 employees.
   Mr. Phebus earned his Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Business Administration and became a certified Internal Auditor after graduation. Through cooperation of his university and family support he completed the Business Officer’s Management Institute at the University of Kentucky’s Lexington campus over three summers.
   Mr. Phebus has devoted his career in providing fiscal leadership to institutions serving others. He began his career as an Internal Auditor serving the Illinois Department of Agriculture. He was responsible for compliance and financial auditing within the six operating divisions of the Department. One of his major successes was the integration of the Illinois State Fair from an independent agency into one of the Department of Agriculture’s operating divisions. He advanced from trainee to Auditor III.
   His next assignment was at Illinois College in West Central Illinois as the Chief of Accounting Services. This was a stressful time for the College after suffering fiscal loss and embarrassment from the embezzlement of funds by a former employee. Over the short-term, he established proper policies and procedures and automated the financial records. He received a promotion to Controller. Over the long-term he represented the business affairs offices as a senior manager and participated in fund raising campaigns that increased the endowment and physical plant of the College. During these years’ the College more than doubled in the number of students served and added new teaching facilities. He particularly enjoyed his experiences in working with student groups and alumni.
   Next he served two financial banking institutions as a Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer. He served credit unions in the St. Louis and Central Illinois markets. Reporting to the CEO’s, he was responsible for membership expansion into the North County area, merger of an associate institution, and name rebranding. His fiscal duties included projections, budgeting, staff development, asset liability management, collections, investments. He also provided leadership in serving as the lead officer for banking relationships, State and Federal examinations, and audit engagements.
  Charley is the proud father of three daughters; Jennifer, Laurie Anne, and Emily. He is a history buff with special interests in American history. He and his wife Debby enjoy traveling and staying connected with their families. He strives to give back to others. He is a long-term supporter of the Hope Institute for Children and Families supporting their mission of “Growth, Independence, and Joy.”  He has served his Church family as member of the Day School Committee, Finance Committee, and Board of Elders.